Fun Food Fact Friday!

I introduce to you, the Honey Pomelo! Slightly larger than a grapefruit and a touch sweeter in taste. The grapefruit is actually a hybrid of the pomelo and an orange.

Pomelos comes fully loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and … spermidine?

Pomelos and grapefruits contain a chemical compound which is also found in human sperm. In laboratory-based studies, scientists have found spermidine to slow the aging process, protect from cell damage and increase longevity! The pomelo is also rich in bioflavonoids that help in fight against cancer.

And in case you’re wondering if pomelos contain the same substance that interferes with the absorption of certain medications — yes, both grapefruits and pomelos contain furanocoumarin, an organic chemical compound responsible for many drug–food interactions.