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Living with Multiple Sclerosis For 20 Years – Opening my Vault of MS Stories

This September 2021 is my 20 year MS-iversary and I’ve decided to open my vault of personal stories and share what life has been like for the past 20 years living with this illness – stories I’ve never told publicly before!

Some of the things I’ll be talking about in this video series:

  • how I was diagnosed with MS
  • tests I was given to diagnose MS
  • multiple sclerosis medications I’ve been on
  • being relapse-free for 10 years
  • how I eat to manage MS
  • funny, sad, embarrassing MS moments
  • different MS symptoms I’ve had

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A Pill That Cures Multiple Sclerosis

This is an excerpt from the full interview I did with Peggy about her experiences living with multiple sclerosis. Whenever I do these interviews, the conversation tends to last long after I’ve finished asking the initial questions so I usually keeping the camera recording in case anything interesting comes up.

At one point I asked her, “if there was a magic pill to cure MS, would you take it?”
This is where the conversation became really interesting.