2018 New Year’s Cleanse

A Clean Eating Start to the New Year!

Juice fasts, green smoothie cleanses, raw food challenges, detox kits…do any of these actually cleanse your body of toxins, or are they simply marketing ploys?

In the world of health and wellness, the term detoxification refers to ridding the body of toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals, as well as harmful metabolites produced within the human body. Proper detoxification does not involve depriving the body of food by going on a juice fast or taking laxatives to purge the bowels.

In fact, it’s just the opposite! 

The body requires specific nutrients plus fiber and sufficient protein (amino acids) for metabolic detoxification pathways within the liver to work properly. If certain nutrients are lacking in the diet, or if digestion is compromised in any way, our natural detoxification processes will be disrupted and toxins will store in the fatty tissues of the body instead of being neutralized and eliminated.

Food isn’t just fuel for the body. It’s so much more than that! The body requires more than just adequate calories to function at its optimal best! There is a dynamic interaction that takes place between the cells of the body and the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, and phytochemicals that comes from food.

Research shows that not all food is created equal, and what we eat isn’t necessarily what we absorb. There are several factors that affect how we digest, process, and use the nutrients within the food we eat, which is why one of the first areas of focus in this program is optimizing the digestive system.

Poor digestive health affects every system in the body. If your body isn’t able to efficiently absorb the vitamins and minerals from your food, you could still face nutritional deficiencies despite eating a very healthy diet.

Deficiencies, whether they are due to lack of intake or lack of absorption can lead to a weakened immune system and detoxification processes that are inefficient!

Just as important as digestion, is the elimination of waste from the body. The reason why this is so important is because anything less than one bowel movement a day means toxins and waste could be recirculating back into the bloodstream, which can result in systemic inflammation. Inflammation can impair detoxification systems in the liver, resulting in an inability to neutralize and remove toxins.

One common mistake people often make is doing the wrong type of cleanse for the season, especially one that is cooling and depleting during the winter. During the blustery days of winter it’s important to include warming, nourishing foods in the diet to support the body’s need for heat and protection from the colder environment. This program includes over 50 naturally detoxifying, liver supporting recipes!

The information provided in this program will teach you how to create healthy, life-long habits that will optimize your body’s own natural ability to cleanse and detoxify. You will also learn how to detect and correct imbalances and deficiencies that could be preventing your body’s own detoxification mechanisms from working efficiently. 

The Eat Heal Love New Year’s Cleanse/Everyday Detox is a nutrient-dense nutrition program designed to optimize your body’s ability to naturally detoxify using whole foods!

This is not a quick-fix fad diet

This Program is Designed To:

• Support and cleanse the liver
• Correct nutritional deficiencies
• Improve digestion and elimination
• Naturally cleanse the digestive system
• Optimize your natural ability to detoxify
• Restore balance in the intestinal system
• Guide you in following a whole foods diet
• Help you develop a healthy relationship with food!

Program includes a 7-day sample meal plan and over 50 naturally detoxifying, liver supporting recipes! 

All recipes provided give options for those who are following a completely plant-based diet and for those who eat moderate amounts of high quality animal protein. This program is inclusive and suitable for both lifestyles.