Living and Thriving With MS

Never let any medical diagnosis stop you from pursuing the best health possible!

Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards better health & wellness! As both a Holistic Nutritionist and someone who has Multiple Sclerosis, I’m excited to share my experiences and knowledge to help guide you in learning how to manage this illness naturally.

Multiple Sclerosis is a complex, multifaceted disease with many possible outcomes. Nutrition should never be considered an alternative, but rather an integral part of any health protocol. Taking a holistic, nutritional approach to managing MS involves addressing the body as a whole in order to modulate the immune system and stop your body from initiating an autoimmune attack against itself.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed, or your condition has progressed to advance stages, it’s never too late to start incorporating healthy diet and lifestyle habits. The sooner you can start making the appropriate changes to your diet, the better, in order to prevent permanent scarring, demyelination and more severe complications down the road.

There are many ways in which natural and holistic therapies can help slow the progression of this disease. I’m here to help you understand the key things you need to know about keeping your MS symptoms under control. I can teach you how to create balance in your body, decrease inflammation, and offer natural pain and symptom management.

The purpose of this program is to address the underlying reasons of why the body initiates an autoimmune attack, and to prevent or stop your illness from progressing. By cleaning up the diet and removing irritating, pro-inflammatory substances, we’ll focus on addressing the root cause of why the body attacks its own tissues during an MS exacerbation. We will slowly and gently detoxify the body, supplying nourishment to the cells and correct nutritional deficiencies. It’s also important to assess for hidden food allergies and sensitivities that might act as symptom triggers by contributing to inflammation in the body.

Goals of the Living and Thriving With MS Program

• To address the underlying cause of why the body initiates an autoimmune attack
• Reducing systemic inflammation, thereby minimizing the severity of symptoms
• To uncover possible food sensitivities and intolerances which might be acting as symptom triggers
• Addressing and correcting nutritional deficiencies
• To supply the body with the nutrients required to protect and repair myelin, strengthen the blood-brain-barrier and support neural health
• Cleansing the body of toxins in a safe and gentle manner
• To promote overall well-being and balance all systems of the body
• To educate, motive and inspire you to pursue the best health possible, regardless of your MS diagnosis

Topics Discussed

• The importance of following an anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic diet
• Clearing up immune system misconceptions: Overactive immune system vs an inappropriate immune system response
• How poor gut health affects the immune system and contributes to autoimmunity
• Nutrients required to nourish, protect and repair myelin and support brain health
• Toxicity and neurodegeneration
• How to improve sleep and incorporate stress reduction techniques
• Foods and nutrients that increase energy, promote better sleep and balance the immune system

I don’t just pull a generic MS protocol out from a folder of a dietetics textbook; I develop a custom designed wellness plan, based on your personal nutritional needs. I start by carefully analyzing the information you provide when you fill out the Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment Form, which takes into account many different aspects of your health.

Getting Started!

1. Purchase the consultation package from the options below.
2. Once the payment transaction has been fulfilled, you will be automatically directed to complete our Nutrition and Lifestyle Intake Form.
3. Fill out the information as accurately as you can.
4. Once I review and analyze your information, please allow 2-5 days to receive a reply with my recommendations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email, telephone.

The Living and Thriving With MS Package Includes:

• A custom designed wellness plan, based on your unique nutritional needs
• Full nutritional and health history analysis
• Written dietary and lifestyle recommendations (with 2 week meal plan and recipes)
• Over 50 anti-inflammatory, immune balancing recipes
• Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement suggestions best suited for your individual needs.
• Natural pain and symptom management tips
• A downloadable PDF of the Living and Thriving with MS Program

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Price: $200


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