How to Achieve the Best Health Possible!

Are you interested in improving your health, but not sure where to start?

Start the new year with a clear plan of action to turn your health goals into a reality!

If you’re in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, I’m offering this special new year package to help you achieve the best health possible this year!

In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll discuss the 6 pillars of health and I’ll teach you how to go through each major body system (digestive, cardiovascular, immune, structural) to learn how to detect and identify imbalances. Learn how to be your own holistic health expert by understanding what your symptoms mean, and how to find balance.
We’ll also discuss holistic symptomatology to help you figure out what are your symptoms say about your health!

This Program Includes:
1) 2-hour Holistic Health Nutrition Workshop (Saturday, January 13)
2) 1-hour personal nutrition consultation where we address the following:

– An analysis of your personal health history.
– Personal nutrition and health assessment with recommendations.
– Coaching that will help you turn your health goals into a reality.
– Vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement suggestions best suited for your individual needs.
– Natural pain and symptom management tips
– Skin, hair and nail analysis
– Symptom deficiency analysis
– Learn how to achieve balance in every system of your body and attain the best health possible.

* Please come to your personal consultation prepared with a written 3 day food diary.

Investment in your health: $149 (+tax)
* Early-bird special –  Register before December 31: $129 (+tax)
Early registration also includes a free 30 minute follow-up consultation to help keep you on track!

Your Best Health Workshop
When: Saturday, January 13
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Both the workshop and personal consultation take place at the location below:
564 Weber St N, Unit 12
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5J3

>>> Register HERE!

Once you confirm and book your seat for this event, we can set up your personal one hour nutrition consultation!

Let’s review your diet and health history to create an individualized nutrition plan specifically designed to meet your personal needs. As a professionally trained Holistic Nutritionist, my mission is to help you achieve optimal health and vitality.

Whether you’re battling food allergies, suffer from chronic fatigue or pain, experience hormonal imbalances, or need help managing a chronic illness, I can help guide you in meeting your health goals!


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