Holiday Survival Tips for Both the Body and Mind

Delicious food, holiday celebrations and a little added stress can make sticking to your health goals a challenge. You work hard to keep yourself well and feeling good and in balance all year long so there is no reason why the holidays should be any different!

Follow these simple tips to enjoy the holidays and help keep you balanced, both body and mind.

For The Body

Don’t Show Up to Events Hungry
To keep your blood sugar balanced and your appetite in control, eat a small meal or snack before you attend any party or event.  When blood sugar drops and hunger sets in, we tend to want to eat everything in sight. Eat a small, nutritious meal before going to a holiday party or dinner so that you arrive well-fuelled and in a positive mood to fully enjoy the moment. Then when it comes to meal time you will be able to make wise food choices and keep portions in a healthy balance.

Support Your Digestive Health
To avoid bloating and digestive distress after meals, follow some of following tips below.

  • Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid with your meals. Drinking large amounts of any liquid (water or wine) with a meal dilutes your digestive enzymes and can slow digestion, leading to gas and bloating. Small sips during meals are alright but if you are prone to digestive problems, avoid drinking large amounts while eating.
  • Consider taking a digestive enzyme before a large meal.
  • Support your gut and immune system with probiotics.
  • Wait an hour after dinner to have dessert. Sugar and starch have a much faster digestion time than protein-rich foods. If you often suffer from gas and bloating after meals, try waiting an hour to eat dessert after eating a heavy protein meal.

Fill Up on Veggies
It’s the holidays and let’s face it, there are going to a lot of treats around and it’s difficult not to indulge..just a little! Hopefully, there will also be a lot of amazing healthy dishes as well! Fill your plate with veggies and high-quality protein to fuel your body with the good stuff, which leaves less room for when the desserts come out.

Let There Be Dessert
That said, allow yourself a few treats. Even though I come from a family of amazing bakers, I know how much I’ll regret it if I allow myself to overindulge in sugary sweets and treats. You don’t have to deprive yourself of fun food. Practice mindfulness when choosing to indulge. Have a couple of your favourite holiday treats or if you have the time and energy, bring a healthier dessert or treat to the festivities.

Get Moving
Off-set some of the big meals you might have by staying active. A short 10 minute walk after a meal helps to balance your blood sugar and allow your body to better use the nutrients that you have just consumed. Getting some additional exercise will also help to offset any additional calories consumed and helps to manage stress levels as well!

Get Enough Rest
Don’t overschedule yourself. Be sure to take time out if you need to. Balance is key!

For The Mind

  • Start each day with gratitude.
  • Let go of expectations.
  • Be mindful of your mental health.
  • Slow down and enjoy the time with friends and family.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Give thanks & have fun!

If loud family gatherings cause you stress, take a moment to remove yourself from the crowd and reflect on everything you have to be grateful for. When I was younger, I found it stressful to attend large family gatherings but now that my father is longer with us, I realize I’ll never get that time back with him and it has helped me seek out ways to manage situations I used to avoid.

As someone who is very sensitive to the energy around me, I’ve learned to protect myself from absorbing any stress or negativity from others using the following technique.

Calling in the Light – White Light Meditation.

Find a quiet spot. Close your eyes, calm the breath, and then image in your mind’s eye a bright white light forming a protective shield around your body and any other person or object you want to safeguard. This simple meditation can be used to both protect you from absorbing negative energy, while at the same time filling the space with divine light and love.

Repeat the following:
I ask that divine light and love surround and guide me. I release any attachments, any negative energy, anything that is not love into the light of the divine so I can shine with my highest vibrational light. I radiate love and respect and in return, I receive love, protection and respect.

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