101 Cruelty-Free Companies

I don’t normally share with kind of thing but I recently stumbled across truly heart-breaking information regarding animal testing. I personally switched most of my makeup and cleaning products to nontoxic, cruelty-free brands years ago but left it at that. Out of sight – out of mind, so to speak. But when I came across this image of beagles being forced to inhale toxic chemicals, I immediately felt sick to my stomach. No living creature should have to endure this kind of suffering.

According to several sources, beagles are the dog breed most often used in animal testing, due to their size and passive nature. As a kid, I grew up with a basset hound. Her name was Georgy Girl and these cute, yet sad little beagle faces made me think of her. This prompted me to compile a list of companies that do not test on animals.

These days, it’s pretty easy to find a wide range of cruelty-free products. A lot of popular grocery store chains are even starting to carry them. Just look for any of the symbols below, which indicates the product has not been tested on animals.

If you have anything you would like me to add to this list, please let me know!

Alba Botanica : Skin and hair care
Alima Pure : Mineral makeup
Amazonian Skincare : Natural skin care
Andalou Naturals : Skin and hair care
Annointment : Skin, soap, men, women, baby
Arbonne : Skin, makeup, bath & body
Attitude : Bath & body, natural cleaning products, pet care
Aubrey Organics :Skin & hair care, men, women
Avalon Organics : Skin, hair, bath & body
Badger Balm : Bath & body, sunscreen
Bare English : Lip gloss 
Bare Organics : Bath & body, makeup
Batty’s Bath : Bath & body
Beautycounter : Bath & body, makeup
Better Botanicals : Natural Bath & body, hair care
Belvedere International :Bath & body, hair care
Boi Cosmetics: Nail polish
Boo Bamboo : Natural bath & body, hair care, baby
Buck Naked Soap Company : Natural bath & body care
Butter London : Makeup
Cake Beauty: Bath & skin care
Cheeky Cosmetics : Makeup
Clear Conscience : Cruelty free eye drops & contact lens solution
Cocoon Apothecary : Bath & body
Colorevolution : Makeup
Consonant Skin Care : Bath & body
Conscious Choice : Organic bath & body
Cosmic Tree Essentials : Bath & body, makeup
Cover FX : Makeup
Crate 61 : Organic bath & body, soap, lip balms
Dalish Cosmetics : Makeup
Decode : Personal care for men
Demo Soap: Soaps
Derma-e : Skin care
Dessert Essence : Bath & body, hair, dental care
Every Man Jack : Men’s line of shaving cream, deodorant, body  wash
Dr. Bronner’s : Castile soap, bath & body, dental care
Druide : Natural bath & body, hair care, essential oils
Earth Mama Angel Baby : Mama & baby
Earth Science Naturals : Bath & body, hair care
Eco-Max : Natural household cleaning
Eco Nuts : Natural household cleaning
E.L.F. Cosmetics : Makeup
Eminence Organics : Skin care
Freeman Beauty : Face, body, hair care
Giovanni Cosmetics : Natural hair & body care
Green Beaver : Natural castile soap, lotions, soaps, sunscreen, lip balm
Ground Soap : Soap & skin care
Herbal Glo : Skin & hair care
Hugo Naturals : Bath & body, hair care, lip balm
Jason : Bath & body, hair care
John Masters Organics : Bath & body, hair care
J.R. Watkins : Bath & body, natural cleaning products
Juliet’s Room : Organic bath & body
Kiss My Face : Natural Bath & body, hair care, lip, dental care
La Couleur Couture : Non-toxic nail polish
LaRitzy : Makeup
Lipani Skincare :Skin care, makeup
Live Clean : Natural bath & body, baby
Lise Watier : Makeup
Lōa Skin Care : Skin care
Logona :Skin care, makeup, hair care
LOVEFRESH : Natural bath & body, deodorants
Lush : Bath & body, makeup
Mad Hippie : Natural skin care
Maple Holistics: Body, skin, hair care
Marcelle : Makeup, skin care
Max Green Alchemy : Natural bath & body, hair care, men’s
Method : Natural cleaning products
Meow Meow Tweet: Body, face, baby
Mineal Fusion : Natural mineral makeup
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day : Natural soaps, body care, cleaning products
Natracare : Natural feminine hygiene products
Nature Clean : Natural cleaning products
Nature’s Gate: Natural body & skin care, hair, baby
Nellie’s All-Natural : Natural cleaning products
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: makeup
Pacifica : Natural skin & body, hair, makeup
Paula’s Choice : Skin care
Pixi : Makeup
Prairie Naturals :Natural skin & hair care, supplements
PUR Minerals : Skin care, makeup
Purelygreat Deodorant : Natural deodorant
Rockin’ Green : Household cleaning products
Rocky Mountain Soap Co. :  Natural bath & body, soaps, aromatherapy
Samana Naturals : Natural skin & body, hair, lip balm
Seventh Generation : Natural cleaning, feminine care
Skin Essence Organics : Natural skin care
Soap & Glory : Bath & body
Spa Sisters : Natural bath & baby
Sukin : Natural skin care, hair
Tarte Cosmetics: Makeup
Tom’s of Maine : Natural personal care products
Trust Fund Beauty: Makeup
The Ausable River Soap Company : Organic handmade soap
The Laundry Tarts : Natural laundry products
Urban Decay : Makeup
Weleda : Natural bath & body, hair, baby
X-Pur : Gum, dental care
Yes to Carrots : Bath & body, hair, makeup, baby
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics : Makeup


1 thought on “101 Cruelty-Free Companies”

  1. Regarding the photo of the begals I feel the same way as the person who wrote this, things like this outrage me. If there is a fund to contribute to to end this mistreatment of those poor begals, please email me. We can’t send $1000.00, (I wish I could), but I will send what I can. The information I read was very interesting and it is what I have been hearing for awhile now and I finally understand. So I really have to read labels and focus on not getting stressed out about things. But I do need smoothie recipes that are non-dairy as you understand my health issues. Please help me. My email is Thank you so much for the help.

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