Eating Healthy on a Budget

Someone recently told me they couldn’t afford to eat healthy. Then I noticed a bag of chips on their kitchen counter.
So…I decided to make a special trip to the grocery store to see what kind of healthy food I could get for less than a bag of chips. The exact same bag of chips my friend had (without mentioning any brands), I found for $1.88.

Today I bought all these items individually, for less than that bag of chips.
My bananas will last me 3 to 4 days. I bet that bag of chips was gone in half an hour!

Bunch of bananas (0.91¢)
3 organic apples ($1.70)
3 kiwi ($1.50)
1 Mango (0.97¢)
1 Pomegranate (0.99¢)
2 cucumbers ($1.76)
1 large sweet potato ($1.01) I think sweet potato chips are a requirement this weekend!
Can of chickpeas (0.88¢)
1 pineapple ($1.50)
2 lb bag of carrots ($1.47)

And this is no means a complete list. It was done on a whim with no planning or price comparing at other stores. I’m pretty impressed with the price of that pineapple though!

*** Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget ***

• Plan meals in advance.
• Buy whole grains, beans, nut and seeds in bulk. A bag of rolled or steel-cut oats is less expensive than many boxed, sugar-laden cereals.
• Buy berries in season when they’re at a good price and freeze them.
• At the end of the week, add any unused produce to a vegetable soup or stew to minimize waste.
• If you have a back yard, grown your own food.
• Use coupons. The best way to obtain coupons for natural or organic foods is to visit the websites of the manufacturer. Google search “grocery store coupons” and “organic printable coupons”.
• To avoid impulse buying, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.
• Always carry a healthy, high protein snack around with you. This way, if you suffer a blood sugar crash you’ll have something healthy to eat instead of stopping at a convenient store, coffee shop or indulging in fast food.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

3 thoughts on “Eating Healthy on a Budget”

  1. I met your mother this week and she spoke highly of you. What are the chances!.. I had just been telling my daughter in law minutes before how I wanted to take courses to become a certified holistic nutritionist but did not know where to start. Your Mom was great and so nice. And, now I am on your website and will take the 30 day challenge. Thanks for your website and your love and drive to feed and educate the people!!!!
    I am so anxious to get started!!!!!

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