B Vitamin Guide For Those With Multiple Sclerosis


Whenever someone is dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (or any degenerative health condition), proper diet and nutrition is so important in order to give the body what it needs to function at its optimal best.

Many of us dealing with MS may or may not have heard that we should be supplementing with B12, since it is needed for the formation of the myelin sheath (the fatty covering around the nerves) and plays a very important role in the function and health of the entire nervous system.

People with vitamin B12 deficiency have destruction of both the myelin and the underlying axon. If the deficiency is severe, there can be serious brain damage, causing MS-like symptoms. Even when people have slight B12 deficiency, they may exhibit symptoms like fatigue, depression and memory loss.

But did you know that all the other B vitamins are just as important?

All B vitamins are needed for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, formation of myelin and regulation of the nervous system. B vitamins are commonly found together in foods and have similar coenzyme functions, working synergistically to perform their best.

In nature, no B vitamin is found in isolation. Although taking a supplement might be sufficient when our diet is lacking certain nutrients or if we have malabsorption issues, but it’s always best to try and get our nutrients from food – the way the body knows how to use and absorb them best!

B vitamins are also found abundantly in many animal products as well as plant based foods.

*Note on taking a B vitamin supplement:

Vitamins should be taken with meals and should be taken as part of a B complex formula. Since B vitamins are water soluble, they only remain in the body for approximately 6-8 hours. Therefore, they need to be replenished during the day.

Avoid taking them at night however, because they can act as mild stimulants and interfere with sleep.





  • i think it’s because it’s said to be the largest vitamin & the most difficult to process with age – if we’re getting the right foods. great chart! thanks for sharing.

  • So happy I found this site!

  • I take a product called Max B-ND by premier research labs that is in liquid form and contains vitamins B1,2,3,6,12; folate and biotin. This works wonders for my MS. My levels were very low around 200 when I was diagnosed but after 3 weeks of taking 1 ml per day it went to 635. This company also makes a D3 serum and the liquid form of this works just as well.

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